A Real Estate Company in Washington, D.C. You Can Trust

A Real Estate Company in Washington, D.C. You Can Trust

The New Washington Land Company is located in the Dupont Circle area on 17th Street. We invite you to stop by and check out our convenient location and speak with one of our staff members.

When you call our office, almost always, someone will answer the phone—no voice prompts, no voice messages, or dead ends where no one ever picks up the phone. Communication and responsiveness are as important to us as they are to you. Our team ensures prompt service to unit owners, residents, and the boards of directors.

The New Washington Land Company’s website is designed to give owners the ability to obtain information and request service at all times. We lead the industry with a responsive and energetic team supported by up to date technology. Additionally, we strive to be the best by offering:

Specialized condominium management

Responsive and easily accessible property managers

A secure website dedicated to your community

Various payment options including online payments,
credit cards, or eChecks

Community email notifications

24/7 emergency line and online routine maintenance requests

Single-family and multi-family rental property management

Condominium and single-family sales advice/education

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Josh Smith


Email: josh[at]tnwlc.com

Annessa Cass

Vice President — CFO

Email: annessa[at]tnwlc.com

Chad Traugott

Vice President of Operations

Email: chad[at]tnwlc.com

Jack Eisen-Markowitz

Director of Special Projects & Senior Porftfolio Manager

Email: jack[at]tnwlc.com

Adrienne Evans

Director of Single-Family Management

Email: adrienne[at]tnwlc.com

Alvaro Guerra

Portfolio Manager

Email: alvaro[at]tnwlc.com

Bathsheba Wallace

Onsite Property Manager

Email: sheba[at]tnwlc.com

Breiana Jackson

Administrative Assistant

Email: breiana[at]tnwlc.com

Brenda Adair

Onsite Property Manager

Email: brenda[at]tnwlc.com

Carlos Del'agostino

SFM Services - Maintenance

Email: carlos[at]tnwlc.com

Christine Lowe

Accounts Payable

Email: christine[at]tnwlc.com

Cynthia Genco

Property Manager

Email: cynthia[at]tnwlc.com

David Avalos

Assistant Property Manager

Email: david[at]tnwlc.com

Del Cain

Portfolio Manager

Email: del[at]tnwlc.com

Diego Mariaca

Accounts Receivable

Email: diego[at]tnwlc.com

Dionté Dupree

Property Manager

Email: dionte[at]tnwlc.com

Donyelle Pinkney

Accounting/Office Manager

Email: donyelle[at]tnwlc.com

Dustin Barnett

Onsite Property Manager

Email: dustin[at]tnwlc.com

Jennifer Marshall

Onsite Personnel

Email: info[at]tnwlc.com

Jim Deluca

Onsite Property Manager

Email: jim[at]tnwlc.com

Joan Carmichael

Property Manager

Email: joanvcarmichael[at]gmail.com

Kat Danaher

Administrative Manager

Email: kat[at]tnwlc.com

Kevin Lewis

Portfolio Manager

Email: kevin[at]tnwlc.com

Kristina Thompson

Onsite Property Manager

Email: kristina[at]tnwlc.com

Lakia Prue

Onsite Property Manager

Email: lakia[at]tnwlc.com

Lauren Hobbs

Senior Portfolio Manager

Email: lauren[at]tnwlc.com

Michelle Schall

Portfolio Manager

Email: michelle[at]tnwlc.com

Shawn Parker

Property Manager

Email: shawn[at]tnwlc.com

Tangela Crosby

Onsite Property Manager

Email: tangela[at]tnwlc.com

Viktor Valente

Onsite/Portfolio Manager

Email: viktor[at]tnwlc.com