Properties Managed

Properties Managed

Condominium Associations

15th Que Condominium1533, 1537 15th St, NW
116 North Carolina Ave. Condominium116 North Carolina Ave, SE
1055 High Condominium1055 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
1303 P St. Condominium1303 P St, NW
1331 Vermont Ave. Condominium1331 Vermont Ave, NW
1340 Vermont Ave. Condominium1340 Vermont Ave, NW
1624 Corcoran Street Condominium1624 Corcoran Street, NW
1715 Lamont St. Condominium – 1715 Lamont St, NW
1825 Florida Ave. Condominium1825 Florida Ave, NW
1839 Kalorama Rd. Condominium1839 Kalorama Rd., NW
Alexander Condominium3534 10th St, NW
Aston Condominium1634 14th St, NW
Benjamin Condominium2535 13th St, NW
Boyd Condominium1212 M St, NW
Brighton Condominium2123 California St., NW
California Court Condominium – 2153 California St, NW
California House Condominium2205 California St, NW
Cairo Condominium1615 Q Street, NW
Carlyle Condominium – 1361, 1363, 1367 K St, SE
Carrollsburg Square Condominium Assoc. – 4th/M/N St., Delaware Ave, SW
Chapin Row Condominium – 1412 Chapin St, NW
Chateauville Condominium – 1651 Lamont St, NW
Citta 50 Condominium – 1450 Church St., NW
Cliffbourne Place Condominium – 2510 Cliffbourne Place, NW
Columbia Pristine Condominium – 1103, 1105 Park Road, NW
Columbia Square Condominium – 2600, 2608 Sherman Ave, NW
Copperfield Condominium – 2901 16th St, NW
Corey Condominium – 1111 Orren St. NW
Crescent II Condominium – 1443 Oak St, NW
Crest at Columbia Heights Condominium – 3517 13th St, NW
Delancey Lofts Condominium – 1701 Kalorama Road, NW
Denver Condominium 1417 Chapin Street, NW
Dorset Condominium– 520 E St, NE
Dumbarton Place Condominium1414 22nd St, NW
Eli Condominium1333 Euclid St, NW
Fairmont Condominium1020 Fairmont St, NW
Farnsboro Condominium2129 Florida Ave, NW
Fennessy Lofts Condominium1209 13th St, NW
Flats at Hunter Crossing Condominium2317, 2333, 2351 16th St, SE
Flats at Meridian Condominium2639 15th St, NW
Fremont Condominium – 1102 R St, NW
Garfield Condominium 5410 Connecticut Ave, NW
Georgian Condominium1880 Columbia Road, NW
Greenwich Lofts Condominium2357 Champlain St, NW
Hampton Condominium1740 18th St, NW
Highpoint TownhomesVarious addresses on Barnaby Terrace, SE
Hill Condominium2012 Kalorama Rd, NW
Irving Station Condominium1361 Irving St, NW
Kalorama Condominium1882 Columbia Rd, NW
Kalorama Condominium – 18371837 Kalorama Rd., NW
Kendall Condominium2014 Kalorama Rd, NW
Kenyon Square Condominium1390 Kenyon St, NW
Lacey Condominium2250 11th St. NW
Lanier Place Condominium  – 1725 Lanier Place, NW
Le Bourget Condominium 2127 California St, NW
Lumen Condominium 1405 W St., NW
Letterman House Condominium 2030 F St., NW
Madelon Condominium3251 Prospect St, NW
Majestic Condominium1324 Euclid St, NW
Marlyn Condominium3901 Cathedral Avenue, NW
Maryland Condominium UOA1350 Maryland Ave, NE
Marylander Condominium UOA806 Maryland Ave, NE
Maxwell Condominium1419 Clifton St, NW
Meridian Crescent Condominium2200 17th St, NW
Meridian Hill Condominium1454 Euclid St, NW
Mint Condominium329 Rhode Island Ave, NE
Nelson Condominium1733 20th St, NW
Nolando Condominium1413 T St, NW
Number Seven Logan Circle Condominium7 Logan Circle, NW
Old Italian Embassy Condominium1863 Kalorama Rd, NW
Providence Condominium70 Rhode Island Ave, NW
Randolph Condominium1372 Randolph St, NW
Regal Condominium105 6th St, SE
Robanj Condominium1708 9th St, NW
Roydon Condominium1619 R St, NW
Solea Condominium1414 Belmont St, NW
Sophia Condominium2028 16th St, NW
Spring Road Flats Condominium1437 Spring Road, NW
Stratford Condominium2010 Kalorama Rd, NW
The Alexander Condominium2026 16th St, NW
The Marylander, A Condominium806 Maryland Ave, NE
Union Square Condominium  –  730 11th St, NE
Valley Vista UOA2032 Belmont Rd, NW
Verona Parc Condominium1348 Euclid St, NW
Whitecroft Condominium1301 Longfellow St, NW
Winchester Condominium 1807 California St, NW


1725 T St. Coop1725 T St, NW
1832 Biltmore Coop1832 Biltmore St, NW
Haddington Coop1840 Biltmore St, NW

Total single-home units managed average

100-115 units

Non-profit Organization

Sarah’s Circle

Light post