Association Management

Association Management

Management Services

Community / Property Inspection

We will schedule routine inspections of the community to assess cleanliness, the condition of condominium mechanical systems and ensure contractors are performing work as required.

Routine Maintenance

We will develop and implement a routine maintenance program for all major building systems in conjunction with your most recent reserve study.

Contract Services

Contractor / Contract Oversight. We will evaluate your current service contract and make recommendations based on level of service and price.  If necessary, we will be more than happy to solicit competitive bids as we have a network of contractors we work with regularly.

Capital Improvements

We will review the current replacement reserve schedule and if needed, recommend changes.

Materials / Supplies

On behalf of the condominium association, we will purchase materials and supplies necessary for the operation of the property.

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Administrative Services

Web Site

We will create and host a secure web-page dedicated to the property at www.tnwlc.com. Check out our demonstration page by clicking My Home.

Condominium Association Board Meetings

Your property manager will attend XXX (X) meetings and one (1) annual meeting.  Additional meetings will be attended for an additional fee.

File Management

Current files and rosters will be maintained at our home office.


We will assist with all communication from the Board of Directors to Owners and Residents.

Administration of Rules

At the direction of the condominium association board, we will enforce the condominium’s by-laws and rules and regulations.


Provide assistance to the condominium association board in obtaining insurance to meet the condominium association’s requirements. As requested, we will aid the condominium association board in filing and administering insurance claims.

Legal Filings

Prepare and file all annual administrative forms, reports and returns required by the District of Columbia.

Financial Services

Fee Collection

Per the established collection policy, we will collect general and special assessments as they become due and pursue delinquencies. This includes the preparation and delivery of late notices and collection of late fees and, if necessary, engaging a third party to initiate legal action. The monthly financial statement will detail collection efforts and delinquent owners.


We will promptly deposit all payments in the condominium association’s bank account and disburse all funds per the association’s policies and instructions.

Financial Reports

An income and expenses statement will be prepared by the 20th of each month and provided to the condominium association board as well as posted on the condominium’s website.


We will work with the Board of Directors or Budget Committee to prepare an annual operating and capital expenditure budget.

Tax Preparation

Consult with the condominium association’s accountant in connection with the preparation of the condominium association’s tax returns and audits.

Payment options

We will offer online payments (credit cards and echecks), automatically recurring online echeck payments, checks via US Mail, and checks via Owner’s Bank Bill Pay website.  Online payments and automatically recurring online echeck payments require enrollment in Capital One’s merchant services program – additional fees apply. For the condominium’s financial safety, cash is not accepted.